And the 2017 Eagle Project of the Year Goes to…

Photo: Bryan on Scouting

Blake D. of the East Carolina Council had a brilliant—and seemingly impossible—idea for his Eagle Scout service project. But as you know, if anyone can achieve the impossible, it’s a Scout!

Inspired by his twin brother, who has autism and is legally blind, Blake helped to take his school’s special-needs resources to the next level. With the help of his brother’s teacher, Blake developed a plan to build a sensory room for students with autism, complete with special lighting, padded floors and educational toys.

The only issue was the high-cost of building the room—a hefty $10,000. Blake turned to his community to raise money for the project, which he dubbed, “Wings for Autism,” because “I’ve always believed that those with special needs are God’s special angels,” Blake says in a recent Bryan on Scouting story.

Thanks to the giving spirit of many people, Blake was able to raise more money than he had initially needed, and was even able to build a second sensory room!

The story of this Scout’s resolve to help others was even highlighted in a recent feature on, which means even more people will be able to see what Scouting is all about.

Learn more about Blake’s project in the full story from Bryan on Scouting, then see how you can get involved in your community at!


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