3 Generations Go To Scout Camp and Come Out With This Top 10 List

top-ten-from-summer-campScouting sits beside holiday celebrations, sunny vacations, and reunions when it comes to tradition in some families. Ask a Scout about his favorite family tradition after he attends summer camp, and he’ll probably tell you Scouting trumps all the other family functions.

That’s because when you’re alongside your son or daughter having fun in the vast outdoors, you’re not just reminiscing about days past. You’re helping your kids create memories of their own.

For many Scouting families, heading to summer camp is a family tradition that’s generations deep. Mom blogger Shannon shared how her sons, husband, and his dad headed to Camp Bradley in Idaho last summer. After the three generations headed into the rugged experience of a lifetime, they came home the same way most Scouts do – tired, dirty, and full of stories.

Their arrival home tasked Shannon with finding a way to make sure these memories stay remembered (and we can only assume help her sons get clean again).

Some Scout moms make scrapbooks. Others frame pictures. But this is 2015, and Scout moms like Shannon craft blog posts and top ten lists to keep Scout camp memories alive. Her sons compiled a list of their ten favorite memories with their dad and grandpa at Scout camp.

See if the list looks like memories your kids would cherish, and relive the reaction of Shannon’s father-in-law when her boys gave him the list as a gift. Check it out in her post on Find Joy in the Journey.



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