50 Scouts Become Eagles Thanks to This Scoutmaster

Scoutmaster Bud Boyer of the North Florida Council (Photo credit:

Committed adult volunteers are paramount to the success of delivering the values-based programs the Boy Scouts of America aims to provide youth. Volunteers like Bud Boyer of the North Florida Council are a prime example of what it looks like to generously serve the youth of his community – after all, Bud has led not one, but 50 Scouts to achieve Scouting’s highest rank.

“Mr. Boyer epitomizes what a Scout leader should be. He constantly leads by example and is a true mentor to the boys from his troop as well as the citizens in his community. Achieving 50 Scouts being led down the path to Eagle is nothing short of amazing dedication to Scouting and the community as these 50 are our future leaders,” explained Jim Hilty, president of the Ocala City Council and member of the local Eagle Scout Board of Review, to

Scoutmaster Boyer, 75, has served countless Troop 113 Scout generations, tracing back to the 1970s when he began as an assistant Scoutmaster.

“Bud Boyer lives the Scout Oath and Scout Law. There are hundreds of Scouts better off today (because of his leadership) and he will tell you Scouting is a team effort,” said Scout Executive Jack Sears of the North Florida Council in Jacksonville.

Boyer recently attended the Eagle Scout Court of Honor for the 50th Eagle Scout and was also recognized for the milestone at the occasion.

“Mr. Boyer is the best mentor,” said Rockwell F., 19, a former Scout of Troop 113 who made Eagle in 2013.

Boyer remembers the first Scout who became an Eagle under his leadership and adds that his family also contributes to the long line of Troop 113 Scouts to become Eagles.

“My first Eagle Scout was Bobby Barnes in 1992. Our three sons, Willet, Rob and Jim, made Eagle through Troop 113,” Boyer shared.

Characteristics like having drive, ambition, and being a natural leader are common traits Boyer says he looks for in a prospective Eagle Scout candidate. He stresses the importance of respectfulness in his teachings and applauds the efforts of other volunteers in the council who have contributed to the Scouts’ success in the program.

“They are usually hooked on Scouting,” he said.

That enthusiasm for Scouting is exactly why number 50 isn’t the end of the line of Scouts to fall within Boyer’s legacy – Eagle candidates 51 and 52 are currently on the heels of boys before them who made a difference in their community and ascended to the Eagle rank.

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