Cub Scouts Pay it Forward after Christmas Trees were Stolen

Photo Credit: The Valley News Live.
Photo Credit: The Valley News Live.

The cub scouts of Fergus Falls learned a valuable lesson in December month, after 19 Christmas trees were stolen from their annual fundraiser. Many people and businesses made donations to make up for the boy scouts’ loss.

With the overwhelming support, the group ended up with more money than they needed, and decided to use it as a teaching moment. They invited Valley News Live along as the troop paid it forward.

“It was unexpected that we could teach the boys about how you can turn something bad into something good.”

Cub Scout Leader Mark Sundberg says the support from the community was overwhelming.

“We have paid for the trees probably three times over. So, we decided we should do something for other kids in the area that could use Christmas joy. So some of the kids came up with the idea, ‘Hey, lets go buy some presents and give some back.’”

The dozen boys ranging in ages from six to twelve years old, each picked out toys for teenagers in need. One will be getting a basketball, others will get games like checkers, Uno, or a puzzle.

The Fergus Falls Chapter of the Salvation Army received the presents and the Lieutenant says the community support is a blessing.

“It gives me goose bumps to see all the toys under the trees picked out by kids for other kids,” said Linda McCormick.

And the scouts agree.

“It is good to help other people and if someone helps you…you should help them back later.”

In addition to buying more than $400 dollars-worth of toys, the cub scouts were able to start a campscholarship for the local troops. The scholarship is for local boys in need of financial assistance.

Some of the other donations will be used to keep cub scouts running and help with improvements to the tree lot for next year’s Christmas tree fundraiser.

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