Assistant Scoutmaster Rescues Pregnant Woman from Stabbing

Scouts save lives all the time. Their heroism is instilled through the BSA’s programs and the leaders who administer them. Assistant Scoutmaster Kevin Painter showed just the kind of integrity present in these leaders who mold the minds and character of countless youth.

While driving, Painter witnessed a man wielding a knife at a pregnant woman on the side of I-35 in Oklahoma City. He pulled over and parked his car between the victim and her attacker. Other witnesses followed suit, frightening the attacker to leave the scene.

Painter told KSWO his Boy Scout training helped him stay calm in the emergency. “I always kind of think about the Boy Scout motto, ‘Be prepared.’ And it doesn’t mean for one thing in particular, it means for anything,” said Painter.

Painter is prepared for a lot. Along with his Assistant Scoutmaster role, Painter is a medic for the Oklahoma National Guard. Even with his tremendous training, this emergency situation proved to be out of the ordinary. Luckily, the right Scouter was there at the right time.

Hear from Painter in KSWO’s video below. Warning: some of the content and images are best suited for mature audiences.

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