Astronaut to Address Scouts as Science Projects Prepare for Takeoff

Mark_Polansky[2]In March we shared how Chicago area Scouts could apply to send their science projects to space as part of the Space Station National Design Challenge. Now, these Scouts will have the added bonus of meeting Boy Scout and astronaut Mark Polansky in an initial workshop before qualified proposals are sent off to humankind’s most innovative learning outpost on the International Space Station.

Polansky will meet with students to energize young minds to explore science and engineering. He will also be on hand to talk with reporters about the future of the fields.

The workshop will take place on June 22 in the Cardinal Room in Student Center East at the University of Illinois-Chicago. Polansky’s opening remarks will begin at 10:15 a.m.

The out of this world challenge is the product of a partnership between the Boy Scouts of America’s Pathway to Adventure Council and the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS). Experiments chosen to journey to the space station will offer researchers the chance to conduct studies without the effects of gravity present on Earth.

As the workshop puts Scouts in front of an accomplished astronaut, these young minds can peer into their potential accomplishments. Until they can make it into space themselves, many will be able to say they have a science experiment orbiting the earth in the International Space Station.

ATTENTION MEDIA: Interviews are available with astronaut Mark Polansky prior to and after his opening remarks. Please send interview requests to




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