Boy Scouts Lead Relief Efforts After Texas Floods

Troop 113 of Tomball, TX, aided flooding relief by stocking an 18-wheeler with donations. (Photo: KHOU)

A Scout is helpful. Days after storms have subsided across Texas, Troop 113 of Tomball, TX, is proving that.

Meteorologists say Texas received enough rain to cover the entire state in eight inches, and cities like Houston remained unnavigable for the better part of last week. Texans are still distressed in the destruction left in the wake of major flooding.

Boy Scout Anthony S. explained, “They could have lost everything, they could have lost relatives from the flood, and they could have lost their vehicles.”

“If that happened to you, you would want somebody to help you,” chimed in Boy Scout Austin G.

Those are the attitudes of Scouts called to take action. Their troop, amid temperatures in the 90s, set up shop at the local Lowe’s last weekend to load an 18-wheeler with donations of food, clothing, furniture, and other items for Texas flood victims. Ravago Plastics donated the truck, driver, and logistic costs so various organizations could distribute the donated items.

The sight of the Scouts loading the trailer inspired passersby to join in on the good citizenship. Some left behind clothes. Others donated money, totaling more than $4,000.

The troop has a history of gathering items for natural disaster victims. They also provided relief after Hurricane Katrina and the Joplin, MO, tornados. Learn more about the troop’s good works, and hear from the boys on how they hope to help flood victims by checking out the full story and video on KHOU.



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