Boy Uses Scout Skills to Save Brother from Drowning

What started as a fun family vacation became a frightening experience for two brothers when one began drowning while swimming.

Boy Uses Scout Skills to Save Brother from Drowning
Jake saved his brother’s life. (photo: WRAL News)

Brothers Jake and Josh L. were swimming in a lake when Jake swam across a small cove to go explore the opposite shore. Josh followed his older brother, but he was an inexperienced swimmer, and halfway out into the water, the boy panicked and began struggling to stay afloat.

Josh was drowning, and Jake had only moments to react to save his younger brother.

“When I turned around, I saw that Josh was out there. He was struggling and wasn’t able to keep himself above the water,” Jake said.

Seeing that his brother was drowning, Jake didn’t panic. Just weeks before, Jake had received some basic water rescue training along with other members of his Boy Scout troop.

He immediately knew what to do to help his younger brother. He swam over to him and put his Scout training into action to help get his brother safely to shore.

To learn more about Jake’s heroism and the national recognition he received for helping to save his brother’s life, be sure to watch the whole story from WRAL News.


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