BSA’s First Sustainability Report Creates Roadmap for Future Efforts

The Boy Scouts of America has created its first-ever Sustainability Report as part of an effort to define what this important topic means to our organization.

The interactive online report features thoughts from Chief Scout Executive Wayne Brock, as well as a timeline of the BSA’s sustainable efforts over the years and a glimpse at a few success stories from our local councils.

As part of a range of new online resources, the report is designed to start a dialogue about the meaning of sustainability for the BSA: Is it all about ecology? Does it go beyond recycling and energy efficiency? How does it apply to youth-serving organizations like Scouting?

As the Sustainability Merit Badge pamphlet states, “It’s a big word with many aspects. But when you break it down, it goes hand in hand with being a good Scout. Sustainability means the ability to endure. Conserving the land, forests, air, water, wildlife, and limited resources we all share is everyone’s responsibility.”

Today, we are taking those words to heart and developing a comprehensive, multiyear strategy to adopt principles of sustainability at every level of the BSA. Rather than create another program, initiative, or emphasis, however, we are working toward adopting a sustainability mindset that will guide everything we do as an organization.

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