Mommy Entourage’s Build an Adventure with Boy Scouts of America

The Boy Scouts of America has teamed up with The Motherhood, a mom blogger network to allow mom bloggers, who have expressed interest in Scouting, opportunities to experience Scouting first hand with their sons. The bloggers and their sons, were paired with Cub Scout packs in their geographical areas to participate in Scouting activates.

Below is Mommy Entourage’s recount of their “Build an Adventure” with Scouting at the Cradle of Liberty Council’s Musser Scout Reservation.

(BSA editorial note: the Scout property in this post is mistakenly referred to as Muskogee. It is actually Musser Scout Reservation.)

Parenting in today’s world is a constant tug of war between time spent at work, daily responsibilities, and true bonding experiences with our children.  Kids are spending more and more time in front of screens, be it the television, computer or gaming devices.  The same goes for us parents, and as a blogger, I’m guilty as charged on this one.

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The Boy Scouts of America has stepped up to help parents to maximize the time they have with their kids and are doing it in a fun, outdoor environment filled with adventure!  The Boy Scouts provides programs and activities for kids that allow them to expand their horizons and try new things, to participate in acts of service, build confidence and to reinforce ethical standards.  I am always impressed by the level of service they provide to the local community and with such a positive attitude!

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We were invited to check out what it is like to be a scout for the day by participating in Build an Adventure at scenic Camp Muskogee.  Attending this event gave the the opportunity to try out scouting activities that I never would have thought to do at home.  It was an adventure and an experience that will stay with my son during his kindergarten year at school.  He has already decided to sign up for the Boy Scouts next fall when he is of age!  We can’t wait!

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As his mom, I was given a fresh look at scouting.  My father, who was a scout as a boy and teen, graciously came with us to Fall Fest and enjoyed seeing the true spirit of the Scouts still remained, just with a touch of some new additions!  Read on to learn more about our wonderful experience and how you could be a part of scouting too! Read more


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