Cub Scout’s Invention Debuts on the Steve Show

Photo: The Steve Show

What if we told you that you’d never have to step on another Lego again? For those who know the agony of taking a stray Lego to the foot, worry no more—you can now walk more confidently across any room, all thanks to this Cub Scout’s brilliant invention.

Webelos Scout Colten B.’s Lego Scoop invention started as a project for his school’s “invention convention” with the STEMIE Coalition, but before he knew it, he was showcasing his ingenious creation on the Steve Show with Steve Harvey, who also happens to be a former Cub Scout.

Photo: The Steve Show

As you know, helping other people is a crucial part of being a Scout, and Colten’s invention is sure to help kids and parents alike.

Speaking of helping, Colten even got to help Harvey recite the Scout Oath! Be sure to check out the video below to see Colten show Harvey how it’s done:

BSA offers all kinds of ways for kid inventors to spread their STEM-wings—just ask Anjali Rao, who was recently dubbed America’s Top Young Scientist by 3M! Anjali is a STEM Scout who has created life-saving inventions such as this thermography camera device that assesses snake bites.

There’s more to come on Colten! You can read more about him and other award-winning Scout inventors in the September issue of Boys’ Life.


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