Deafness Doesn’t Define This Eagle Scout

The term “disability” doesn’t really fit Noah F.

He’s an Eagle Scout, a filmmaker, an actor, and an athlete. He also happens to be deaf, but that’s only made the Scout more creative.

Noah, a senior at the Kansas School for the Deaf in Olathe, KS, has a passion for creating short, silent films. A self-taught film visionary, he stars in, directs, and edits his unique work himself.

“I want to show you can make movies that don’t have to use sound,” said Noah told FOX4 KC when he was named the station’s weekly Young Achiever. “Movies that are very visual in nature.”

While Noah hopes to continue his pursuits as a profession behind the camera, he also wants to be in front of the lens. And his theater teacher Jennifer Carlino thinks these aspirations are in reach.

“He’s just a really great, unique person,” said Carlino. “I can definitely visualize him as a famous filmmaker. I believe he’ll be able to do that. I can visualize him telling his stories in a unique way and perspective …”

And being deaf? It’s not slowing Noah down.

“People who think deaf people can’t do certain things, it’s not true,” Noah said. “Deaf people can do anything just like hearing people. The only thing they can’t do is hear.”

Even Noah’s Scoutmaster Jeff Smith has witnessed the Eagle’s ability to assimilate with his fellow Scouts with ease.

“It shows there are no limitations,” Smith said.

That’s exactly the way Noah wants people to view him: driven, determined, and not labeled by a disability.

Get even more inspired by Noah by checking out the video below or heading to FOX4 KC to read the full story.

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