Dr. Robert M. Gates’ Greatest Leadership Training Came From Scouting

Dr. Robert M. Gates
(Photo:The Tennessean)

You may know BSA President Dr. Robert M. Gates was the CIA Director and U.S. Secretary of Defense, but did you know he credits Scouting as his best source of leadership training?

What’s more, Dr. Gates told attendees of a patron luncheon for the Middle Tennessee Council he probably wouldn’t have reached his esteemed leadership roles without his time as a Boy Scout. Coming from a man who’s held some of the most prestigious positions in the world and worked with global top dogs, Dr. Gates’ words speak volumes for the leadership development built into BSA programs.

Learn more about why Dr. Robert M. Gates touts the Boy Scouts of America as the organization that prepared him for an undeniably successful career in the full article on The Tennessean.



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