Eagle Project Aims to Spread Bicycle Joy

There is nothing quite like the feeling of getting on a bicycle, gripping the handlebars, putting your feet on the pedals, and pointing yourself in the direction of fun and adventure.

With millions (maybe even billions) of bicycle enthusiasts the world over, that experience of freedom and fun that comes with cycling is something that some people might even take for granted. For every fan of cycling, there’s likely someone out there who never had an opportunity to have a bicycle of his or her own.

Eagle Project Aims to Spread Bicycle Joy
Scout Cameron G. with some of the bicycles he collected. (photo: The Auburn, MA Daily)

Eagle Scout candidate Cameron G. recognized that there were many children in his own community that might not have a bicycle. So, for his Eagle Scout project, he focused on making it possible for those children to have access to a bicycle, a helmet, and instruction on how to ride a bike.

He set out to collect at total of 50 used bikes, fix them up, and work through a local service organization to provide those bikes to kids that don’t have one.

Why 50?

“It seemed like a good number,” Cameron told The Auburn, MA Daily. The news outlet shared the story of Cameron’s Eagle Scout project.

Collecting the bikes wasn’t a problem.

“They came in pretty fast,” Cameron said. “Faster than we thought.”

Following the collection, each bicycle will need to be refurbished. To help with that part of the project, Cameron is working with local bicycle shops and other interested groups around his community.

Upon completion of the repairs, the aim is to invite local children to participate in a bike safety day event. Cameron’s plan is that participants at the event would gain bicycle safety knowledge, a helmet, and a bike that has been reconditioned.

To learn more about Cameron’s project, be sure to read the full article in The Auburn, MA Daily.

To see more information regarding the ways Eagle Scouts improve their communities through projects and service, check out the Baylor University Study, “Eagle Scouts: Merit Beyond the Badge.”


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