Eagle Scores Perfect on National Calculus Test

For the millions of people that have been through the Scouting program, and for the youth now involved, it’s no secret that sometimes it can be complicated to balance Scouting with other activities. 

A look back at this article, “Scouting and Homework: Can the Two Exist?” from the popular Bryan on Scouting blog offers some insight into the ways families can help their children balance school and Scouting.

In that article, one mom even had this to say about her son, My Eagle Scout son, with four to six hours of IB homework, never missed a meeting. He may have had to come straight home from school/practice, went to homework, eat dinner, did homework, went to his meeting and came home and did homework … but he always made it happen.”

With ever-increasing extra-curricular options for youth, finding that balance between Scouting and schoolwork isn’t getting any less complicated.

Eagle Scores Perfect on National Calculus Test
Eagle Scout Landon L. got a perfect score on a national AP Calculus test (Photo Credit: Dayna Smith/For the Washington Post)

So when you hear about a Scout like Landon L., who not only managed to earn the rank of Eagle Scout, but has also focused enough energy on his studies that he was able to earn a perfect score and get every answer correct on the national Advanced Placement Calculus AB exam, it certainly makes you take notice.

The Washington Post shared Landon’s story about how, of the hundreds of thousands of students around the world that took a national AP Calculus exam, only 12 of them got a perfect score.

Of course, it’s no surprise that an Eagle Scout has the perseverance to focus and do well on an AP Calculus test that lasts a little over 3 hours and features 45 multiple-choice questions (plus six free-response questions). 

And, as you would expect for an Eagle Scout, Landon is humble and gives credit for his success to his AP Calculus teacher, Ann Watkins. “She does a really good job,” he said of Watkins. 

To read more about this Eagle Scout, who is also a Life Member of the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA), be sure to check out the whole article in The Washington Post.

To learn more information about how Eagle Scouts like Landon make a significant impact in their communities, see the Baylor University Study “Eagle Scouts: Merit Beyond the Badge.”


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