Eagle Scout Climber Matt Moniz Witnesses Everest Avalanche, Assists in Rescue Efforts

635656378362094219-Everest04Last year we shared Eagle Scout Matt Moniz’s first attempt at conquering Everest and he returned this year to make a second attempt. As he prepared to make the ascent, he witnessed the worst earthquake to hit Nepal in 80 years. The quake demolished parts of the country on Saturday, leaving behind more than 3,000 casualties, devastating city ruins and a massive avalanche that pummeled through Matt’s Mount Everest Advanced Base Camp.

After the huge cloud of cascading snow poured over the Everest camp, the team of climbers struggled to seek cover as tents flattened and the camp crumbled in a matter of seconds. Many climbers were either stranded or caught in the avalanche’s deadly path, yet the Eagle Scout made it through without injury. Matt assisted in rescue efforts throughout the weekend.

“Matt is safe,” said his father Mike of the 17-year-old. “He arrived at Everest Base Camp just a few hours before the earthquake and avalanche. Thankfully, he was able to take shelter behind a large boulder and was shielded from the powder blast. The last 36 hours, have been brutal, he has been involved with extensive rescue operations.”

Major aftershocks rippled through the area on Sunday, heightening the urgency for the rescue operations. All casualties have since been identified and removed from base camp. Matt delivered good news via his Twitter yesterday regarding the climbers who were stranded higher on the mountain.

“We should all be proud of Matt and the training he’s had as an Eagle Scout,” said Mike. “He’s worked tirelessly with the rescue teams for the past 36 hours carrying many to safety.”

In a phone interview with The Weather Channel, Matt revealed that all injured climbers have been evacuated and lifted from the upper mountain. “Currently we are at base camp and danger is very low, but there is still a little bit of danger due to the aftershocks,” said Moniz. Helicopters will soon transport the relief crew to Kathmandu.

Watch Fox 31 Denver‘s coverage below to hear more.


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