Eagle Scout Hopeful Making Hospital Trips Brighter For Kids

Most of us picture kids spending their summers playing outdoors, seeing sunny flicks, and enjoying the most carefree times in their lives. But some children are facing the life-altering struggles and seemingly endless commutes associated with regular hospital treatments.

One Scout is working to make these trips to the hospital a little lighter for sick kids.

Seventeen year old Joshua A. is using his Eagle Scout project as a chance to add interactive tablets to vans that transport kids to and from appointments at the Tampa, FL, Shriners Hospital for Children.

His inspiration came from personal experience. As a child, Joshua made many trips in the silent Shriners vans as he received treatment for a childhood leg disorder called Legg-Calve-Perthes disease.

“I was always on my way here,” Joshua told Tampa’s CBS 10 News. “This was back in the era of portable DVD players. I had one and it just got my mind off of what I was coming here for.”

Learn more about the aspiring Eagle Scout who’s bettering the lives of sick kids by checking out the video from Tampa CBS 10 below.


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