Eagle Scout: Scouting is ‘the last real experience someone my age can have’

steven-madiganSo much in life these days is simulated — artificial flavoring, virtual reality games, “reality” TV — that something real and authentic stands out.

Thank goodness for Scouting, says newly minted Eagle Scout Steven Madigan.

He says that “Scouting in today’s society is almost countercultural” because it’s under-appreciated in our world. “This program truly is a gem,” he writes, “one whose beauty is lost on all too many.”

Steven wrote a nice essay on his very positive Scouting experience, and it’s interesting reading the perspective of one of the BSA’s newest Eagle Scouts.

He earned Scouting’s highest honor in 2014 as a member of Leawood, Kan., Troop 10. Here’s what he wrote:

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