Electrifying Season of Battlebots Features New and Returning Scouting Contenders

BattleBotsBattle Bots, ABC’s gear-grinding robot combat series, is back for season two this summer and once again, Scouting competitors are planning to sweep the robot-shrapnel ridden floor with their engineering prowess to take home the big win.

Last year you saw the Bales family – Scoutmaster Tom Bales, wife Connie Ryan, and Eagle Scout sons Greg, Max and Will Bales – from the South Florida Council split up into Team Mohawk and Team Hypershock to not only compete for the coveted “giant nut award,” but also vie for some major family bragging rights.

This year for season two, Team Mohawk and Team Hypershock return to the BattleBox arena, but they aren’t the only two teams with Scouting skills backing them up. Team Chaos Corps is ready to rumble with Cubmaster Randy Farmer Bombshell-and-Chaos-Corps-1 2leading the way and much of the other team members coming from Scouting backgrounds, too.

Watch as these bot battling crews duke it out on Battlebots tonight at 8 p.m./7 p.m. CST and head over to Bryan on Scouting for the full story on the new Scouting team joining the Bales family. You can get a sneak peak at some of the other competitors, along with an interview of Eagle Scout Will Bales from the Hypershock Team (at 4:35), by checking out the video below!


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