How These Explorers Are Blazing the Trail for the Next Generation

Explorers from the Greater New York Councils participate in a panel discussion at the annual IDEAGEN - UN Summit. (Photo credit: Dorothy Browne)
Explorers from the Greater New York Councils participate in a panel discussion at the annual IDEAGEN – UN Summit. (Photo credit: Dorothy Browne)

On July 13, 2016, a team of Explorers, advisors, and Scout staff attended the IDEAGEN – UN Empowering Women and Girls 2030 Summit. This annual event brings together luminaries from across sectors to explore challenges and develop ways to empower women and girls throughout the planet.

Explorers Liseth V., Hanslyn Y., Madina C., Aileen T., and Genesis M., of the Greater New York Councils, joined the summit to reflect on leadership in the Exploring program.

For the Explorers, the summit presented a unique opportunity to meet an amazing array of top female leaders engaged in entrepreneurial development in Southeast Asia, female education with the Peace Corps, nutrition education and famine relief in Africa, and even manufacturing and design for NASA in-space projects!

Other participants had the opportunity to hear the Explorers share their experiences as women and girls learning how to be leaders in urban settings. Genesis M., who earned Explorer of the Year in her New York police precinct, served as a panelist for “The Next Generation” youth discussion.

“Being part of the Exploring program shows that you can surpass traditional expectations, particularly as a Latina.  I was one of the few girls who was the Explorer of the year for my post,” Genesis said during the panel.

The Explorers were joined by three post advisors, who shared insights on how the career exploration program helps both youth and communities.

“Exploring is a school-to-work transition program providing young women the opportunity to learn about careers, build leadership abilities, and provide community service,” said Mt. Sinai Hospital Business Exploring Post advisor Ana Rodriguez.

The advisor explained that her Exploring post is helping to develop the next generation of healthcare leaders. “Women have been a powerful driving force in health care.”

According to Genesis, participating in the summit provided a new outlook on preparing for her own future. “After IDEAGEN, I grew more knowledge and happiness knowing that in this great big country we live in, women and girls are always being admired throughout all organizations. I thank and congratulate everyone who has worked so hard to continue to provide a greater and brighter future for us now!”

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