Exploring Summerfest Debuts at the Summit Bechtel Reserve

Summerfest2016This week, Explorers from around the country gathered at BSA’s National High-Adventure Base, the Summit Bechtel Reserve, for the first-ever Exploring Summerfest 2016. A first-time camp experience for many of the attendees, the experience was made possible thanks in part to a donation from Wenzel.

The outdoor retreat, which runs from July 27-30, hosts youth from BSA’s Exploring program, who are in the midst of summer excitement as we speak. From experiencing the epic outdoor thrills of the Summit to kicking back at the Summerfest Luau, Explorers from all career fields are in for three days of back-to-back adventure.

Summerfest attendees end each action-packed day by camping out in tents set throughout the Summit’s incredible landscape. Since a number of Summerfest participants included some first-time campers that did not have a sleeping bag of their own, BSA teamed up with Wenzelone of the Exxel Outdoors family of outdoor recreational gear brands, who donated 300 sleeping bags for the Exploring event.

“We at Wenzel are heartened and inspired by BSA’s commitment to providing youth with invigorating and formative Scouting experiences at Exploring Summerfest 2016,” commented Tory Upham, general manager of Exxel Outdoors. “We’re honored to donate sleeping bags for these new Scouts to enjoy a great night’s sleep under the stars.”

Summerfest 2016 will be the first major outdoor experience for some of the attendees, and the outdoor retailer’s sponsorship is helping to give these youth a camping adventure to remember.

For more information on the Wenzel brand, visit, and to learn more about this event, head to the Summerfest 2016 website!

About Exploring

BSA’s Exploring program gives youth the guidance needed to succeed on the path toward discovering their future through one-on-one mentorship and real life experiences. You can learn more about this program at


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