Fast-Acting Scout Rescues Drowning Boy

Scout Honored for Saving Life
Caleb E. displays the Medal of Merit award he received for saving a drowning victim last year (Photo via Bolingbrook Patch)

When disaster strikes, it always pays to have a Scout around. Instilled with the Scout motto “Be Prepared,” Scouts understand the importance of taking immediate action during a crisis. And just like other brave Scouts have done before him, First Class Scout Caleb E.’s quick response saved a boy’s life.

The Scout jumped into action while on family vacation last year after his grandmother detected a struggle in the deep end of the hotel pool. Not a second to spare, Caleb quickly swam to the drowning boy. Caleb safely carried the victim to the edge of the pool.

While simultaneously calming the boy, Caleb urged him to cough and clear his airway of water. Within minutes, the boy recovered and was breathing normally.

The Rainbow Council honored Caleb E. on June 17 for his bravery and life saving efforts by presenting him with the Medal of Merit at the council’s annual Distinguished Citizen Award dinner at Lewis University. Awarded to a youth member or adult leader, the honor is given to those who have performed some outstanding act of service of a rare or exceptional character that reflects an uncommon degree of concern for the well-being of others.

“Scouting isn’t just badges and camping,” award presenter Ilish Radulovic said. “It is so much more.”

Read the complete story of Caleb’s heroics over on Bolingbrook Patch.


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