Fast Company Highlights STEM Scouts’ Commitment to Innovation

STEM-115-_MG_6672Some of the most prestigious and lucrative jobs in the world are in high demand. From Fast Company‘s perspective, that’s where the BSA’s STEM Scouts comes in.

The science, technology, engineering, and math-focused program gets Scouts involved in projects ranging from physics experiments to water sustainability research. Clearly, these are not the knee-high sock wearing, compass-wielding Scouts who are oh so iconic. Now Scouting imagery is growing to include Bunsen burners and calculators.

STEM Scouts are modern kids preparing for modern careers. As the program grows, the BSA hopes STEM-skilled pre-professionals will grow as well.

“Part of this is to expose kids to opportunities that are around them,” National Director of STEM Programs Trent Nichols told Ariel Schwartz of Co.Exist. “We hope to see thousands more STEM Scouts across the country now.”

The program is still a pilot for the BSA and recently expanded to 12 cities across the nation. The pilot aims to explore how the program will adapt to different regions of the country.

Learn about the affect STEM Scouts is having on real kids by heading to Fast Company to read the full story.

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