From Cubs to Eagles, Eight Join Scouting’s Highest Rank

(Photo credit: Miranda Quartemont/The Town Talk)

When 20 percent of a high school’s graduating class are Eagle Scouts, you know something exceptional must be happening. Out of 39 male graduates at Holy Savior Menard in Alexandria, La., eight achieved Eagle Scout and are sharing some of the meaningful lessons they’ve learned after reaching two big milestones together.

Jason B., Thomas D., Grant D., Christian G., Lee J., Michael S., Wyatt T., and Hunter W., of Troop 6 from the Louisiana Purchase Council began their Scouting adventures together as Cub Scouts and vowed one day they would become Eagle Scouts. True to their word, the new high school graduates earned the rank and have remained close the entire time.

“We all started together, we all finished together,” Hunter told The Town Talk. “And we’ve been friends through it all.”

“We’ve seen each other grow up,” Thomas said. “Through it all, we’ve stuck together. I just think that’s really special.”

(Photo credit: Miranda Quartemont/The Town Talk)

The Eagles aren’t just stellar in Scouting; they are dedicated student-athletes, too. With some of the best attendance records in school, along with involvement in football, baseball, soccer, track and field and theatre, these Scouts never let other activities get in the way of their Scouting goals.

“I just think it holds precedence over sports,” Grant said. “I knew that this, especially obtaining Eagle, would be lasting.”

Find out what other important lessons these Eagles learned in Scouting and why one Scout said “it really changed my life” by reading the full story over on The Town Talk.


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