GeekDad Shares 10 Things Parents Should Know About Modern Day Cub Scouts

Scouting can change your life, especially as its programs strike the perfect balance between staying consistent and evolving for the modern Scout.

Take it from Eagle Scout Rob Huddleston who found himself interning for a congressman on the basis of a common Scouting bond. Now that Huddleston has a son of his own to send into Cub Scouts, he’s recapped a few of the things he thinks parents should know about the program of today. He shares a unique point of view as a parent who’s attained all of Scouting’s ranks, now watching the process begin again through the eyes of his son.

The current Cub Scout program makes room for more adventures than ever. (Photo: Rob Huddleston)
The current Cub Scout program makes room for more adventures than ever. (Photo: Rob Huddleston)


At the top of the list is Scouting’s unified Scout Oath and Law. This means Cub Scouts don’t have to memorize one oath and law for Cub Scouts, only to have to turn around and memorize another for the transition to Boy Scouts. Placing all emphasis on one Scout Oath and Law also gives kids time to understand the meaning behind the phrases they recite at meetings, Huddleston explains.

He also highlights the increased involvement of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in Cub Scouts. The program now includes hands-on activities covering subjects from the scientific method to zoological observation.

He explains, “Not only does it mean that Scouts will be preparing the boys to be productive adults in the 21st century, it also means that the program is focusing on things that 21st century boys like and care about.”

Huddleston rounds out his top ten list with a few Cub Scout activities that have long been staples of the program but are now bolstered to keep kids engaged. Service to the community, camping skills, fire building, and, of course, knot tying have remained foundational to the program. But current Scouts develop these adventure-fueling skills further than ever before.

Read the rest of Ron Huddleston’s list in the full post on GeekDad.

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