Grandma Inspires Scout’s Eagle Project

There’s a saying that, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. If Grandma ain’t happy … run!” And while it wasn’t quite that dire of a situation for Scout Nicholas E., he did notice it when he saw his grandma experiencing some discomfort.

Grandma Inspires Scout's Eagle Project
Scout Nicholas E. and his grandmother, who inspired his Eagle project (photo:

It happened when Nicholas’ grandma was waiting outside the school to pick up Nicholas’ younger siblings to take them home. Nicholas looked around and noticed that all of the adults were having to stand while they waited. While standing isn’t difficult for some, it was a bit of a struggle for his grandma, and that gave Nicholas an idea for his Eagle Scout project.

Nicholas, a Scout in the Boy Scouts of America Patriots’ Path Council, decided to build several benches so that parents and others waiting to pick up students would have a place to sit.

That’s when the real work began. Nicholas had to work through the system, gaining permissions and approvals from the school’s principal, then the district board of education. Following those approvals, he began the fundraising process.

His goal was to build several benches, and he eventually settled on a total of six benches. He organized a team of volunteers that helped him construct and install the benches over a period of four weeks.

Even after completing the benches so that his grandma and others could comfortably wait to pick up students from the school, Nicholas doesn’t see his Eagle project as any sort of final cap on a Scouting career.

“He hopes to become an adult leader in his troop,” his mother said. “He wants to pass on what he has learned and work with the kids.”

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