Celebrating 70 Years of Dedicated Service to Scouting

Miller_Freck_HaroldIn 1939, Harold “Freck” Miller joined Pack 1, chartered to the Methodist church in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. Miller was the first in his family to join the Boy Scouts of America. His journey with Scouting spans decades and several generations.

Since the early 1940s, Miller has been associated with Boy Scout Troop 184 (formerly Troop 2) chartered to St. John’s Lutheran Church in Hamburg. As a member of Troop 184, he enjoyed the many camping trips, father-son picnics, and other Scouting activities as he advanced through the ranks.

During his early 20s, he reconnected with Troop 184, becoming an Explorer advisor and later Scoutmaster, a position he would hold for 38 years.

Miller created lots of memories and traditions during his tenure as Scoutmaster. He took the troop on its first boating trip to Biscotasing, Ontario, in 1966, a trip that is a tradition still today. He attended jamborees with the troop, his son, and later his grandson.

Although Miller did not earn his Eagle Scout rank, throughout the years he has helped many Scouts achieve theirs. Troop 184 named Miller Scoutmaster Emeritus in 2004, and he received the Lamb Award, the Lutheran medal awarded to adults for distinguished service to youth civic organizations.

Miller’s son Dennis, who joined Troop 184 in the early 1970s, now serves as Scoutmaster with Troop 184, and his grandson has also been involved with Troop 184, which celebrated its 75th anniversary this summer.

It is volunteers like Freck Miller who ensure the Scouting program continues to be available to help the youth of our nation become responsible members of their communities.

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