Heroic Scouts Save Boy from Drowning

When Jayden J. and Ty’zia J. went for a swim in a local pool this past summer, little did the two Scouts know that they would have to draw on their Scouting skills to save a boy from drowning.

Heroic Scouts Save Boy from Drowning
These two Scouts saved a boy from drowning in a pool. (photo: News 12 Brooklyn)

The pair had been enjoying a swim when they noticed another boy in the pool had gone underwater and had not resurfaced. Jayden and Ty’zia, both Scouts in the Boy Scouts of America Greater New York Councils, knew that the boy could be drowning, and they quickly went to check.

Diving under the water, the two discovered that the boy was indeed unresponsive near the bottom of the pool and was in the initial stages of drowning. They dove down to the bottom of the pool and retrieved the boy, bringing him to the surface. Using training they learned in Scouting, they worked to revive the boy and called 9-1-1.

As a result of the actions of these two heroic Scouts, the drowning boy was saved and has made a full recovery.

“They took what we taught them, and fortunately we have a young person who is still alive because of their efforts,” said the boys’ Scoutmaster J.D. Stark.

“Anytime that it happens or any type of emergency happens, we know what to do, how to act,” Jayden said in reference to the skills he learned in Scouting.

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