Wayne Brock, Dr. Robert Gates and Tico Perez have a holiday message for you

The Boy Scouts of America’s National Key 3 has unwrapped its annual holiday message.

In the 86-second video, which you can watch below, Chief Scout Executive Wayne Brock, National President Dr. Robert M. Gates and National Commissioner Tico Perez wish the BSA family a safe and happy holiday.

The three Distinguished Eagle Scouts express their thanks for the millions of volunteers and Scouts who helped make 2014 a banner year for the BSA.

“We want to take this moment to say thanks for what you did,” Brock says.

“Scouting happened because of dedicated volunteers and staff,” Gates says, “and we’re grateful for each of you.”

“And we look forward to working shoulder to shoulder with you again next year,” Perez adds.

The rest of the video is filled with images of Scouts doing what Scouts do: participating in service projects, enjoying the outdoors and having a little goofy fun.

Take a look:

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