How Joining Scouting Boosted Her Son’s Confidence and Stopped Bullying

How Scouting Helped BullyingWith nearly one in three children affected by bullying, parents struggle to find ways to alleviate the problem and promote confidence in their children. Speaking out on these tough social issues can be an even bigger hurdle. Yet, one Scout mom is sharing her son’s Scouting story of overcoming bullying and his inspiration to help others – just another reason parents should try Scouting.

After watching her son Blake encounter years of intense bullying with no avail, Adrian looked to Scouting for a solution.

“If you’ve ever had a child in this situation, it is awful; because you feel totally helpless,” shared Adrian. “We tried a number of solutions, but I think what worked best was putting him into Scouts. Not long after Blake started with Scouting, the bullying decreased considerably.”

Adrian noticed a remarkable difference in her son’s confidence and leadership skills with Scouting. Blake has tackled several leadership roles, learned new skills, was selected for the Order of the Arrow, and is well on his way to earning Eagle Scout.

While building character, leadership and instilling life-long values, Scouting teaches youth to take on challenges and serve others. Scouting transformed Adrian’s son’s life and now, he’s channeling his experiences to combat bullying with his Eagle Scout service project.

Head over to Adrian’s Crazy Life blog to read her account of how Scouting helped her son with bullying and discover how he is raising awareness for youth affected by the problem today. Also, check out Chief Scout Executive Wayne Brock’s post “Drop in Bullying Signals Return to Respect for Others” on Chief’s Corner for his take on Scouting’s impact on bullying. 

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