How Knives, Scouting, and Your Career are Related

Imagine hosting a dozen eight to ten-year-olds at one time. Now, imagine they all have pocket knives with them.

This is the real situation thousands of volunteer leaders in the Boy Scouts of America put themselves in to develop youth via kid-empowering activities. What they witness is often equally as influential on their own lives.

 The BSA® Official Cub Scouts® Pocket Knife can be found here:
The BSA® Official Cub Scouts® Pocket Knife can be found here.


Guiding Cub Scouts through Pack activities like soap carving might test your patience and try your nerves. But LinkedIn blogger Nathaniel Sellers explains leading a Pack wielding knives might teach you a thing or two about facing challenges head-on in your professional life.

Through his experience working with Cub Scouts, Sellars shares some advice for the career-oriented “big kids” too: “A lot of us have learned to sit still and do our work, but we ought to remember that it’s not just about doing the work, it’s how you do the work; the principles, not just the process.”

Through the minor mishaps and major victories, Stellar witnessed this kind of principle-focused work come to life as Scouts took risks and worked with purpose. Check out the full story on Sellars’ LinkedIn post.


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