How Rockets Are Launching Boys Into Scouting

Boy Scout rocket launch
Pack 418 and others watch a rocket launch at Washington Park. (Photo credit: Erica Yoon, The Roanoke Times)

Whether you have dreams of rocketing to the moon like Distinguished Eagle Scout Neil Armstrong or simply enjoy the thrill of watching lift-off, nearly everyone can agree that rockets are pretty awesome.

With that idea in mind, the Blue Ridge Mountains Council organized a Rocket Into Scouting recruiting event in which local Scouts captained their very own missiles in Southwest Virginia’s Washington Park.

Forgoing the typical introductory meeting, the council decided to take a more proactive approach to introducing the boys to all the fun Scouting offers.

“Who doesn’t like rockets?” asked Ken Lyons, the council’s director of field service and chief operating officer.

A rocket launches off it's pad at the September 19 recruiting event. (Photo credit: Erica Yoon, The Roanoke Times)
A rocket launches off it’s pad at the September 19 recruiting event. (Photo credit: Erica Yoon, The Roanoke Times)

And just as the council hoped, enthusiasm for Scouting soared at the event. With every rocket launch, Scouts and attendees marveled at their handcrafted missiles shooting through the sky. 

What’s more, the rocket campaign streamlined the council’s recruiting efforts to just one week. Interested boys were encouraged to sign-up at their schools within three days and attend the weekend rocket launch to kick-off joining the program. 

Read the full story on The Roanoke Times and then head to the BSA Brand Center to learn more about the Rocket Into Scouting recruiting campaign that has boys in awe of Scouting.


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