How Seven Boy Scouts Rescued This Injured Hiker

Boy Scouts Rescue Injured Hiker
Linda McGaff, center, surrounded by her friends and Boy Scout rescuers at Mt. Monadnock (Photo credit: FOX 25/Christine McCarthy)

When it comes to sweeping people from danger, Boy Scouts have a knack for being at the right place, at the right time and with the right skills and attitude to save the day.

Such was the case for seven Boy Scouts from the Old Colony Council that rescued an injured hiker on New Hampshire’s Mt. Monadnock on Saturday.

While on a hike with their troop, the Scouts discovered Linda McGann laying on the ground in pain. McGann says she slipped while hiking with her friends and twisted her ankle as she descended the summit.

“They started pulling out their kits, and that’s when I realized they were Boy Scouts,” McGann explained to Fox 25. “They were just great. They just went down with me the entire time for four hours, and I could not be more thankful that they were there, because there was no way I could have done that by myself.”

Scouts Rescue Hiker
Scouts administering first aid (Photo credit: FOX 25/Christine McCarthy)

Sebastian P., Jacob P., Dillon L., Matt F., Shayne G., Nick A., and Tommy J., all between ages 12 and 17, worked together to fashion a splint for Linda’s leg. 

“What we did is we grabbed a couple sticks just from the woods, and we used an Ace bandage, which some of the Scouts had on them, and we made, like, a makeshift splint,” Dillon L. explained.

The boys employed many techniques they learned from the First Aid merit badge to help transport Linda, including the “walking assist” and “four-handed seat.”

“We linked arms together,” Eagle Scout Nick A. described. “Then she sat down, then we maneuvered her around certain rocks.”

Scout leader and doctor Mike Jaklitsch says the boys spent countless hours training in first aid and praised their ability to work under pressure. 

“It was just a perfect splint. I was really proud of them,” Jaklitsch told Fox 25. “They said all the right things to the injured hiker. They were encouraging her, treating her for hydration, helping her down the mountain – everything that we practice here when we’re preparing for the rare event. It was just perfect.”

Scouts Rescue Hiker
Scouts using the “walking assist” technique to help Linda down the summit (Photo credit: FOX 25/Christine McCarthy)

But their first aid knowledge wasn’t the only Scouting lesson that came into action during the rescue. The boys were humble through the praise and say it was their duty to take action -after all, “a Scout is helpful” and “be prepared” are principles of the Scout Law and Scout motto.

“We just do it because we want to be helpful, and that is a part of the Scout motto,” said Sebastian P. “To help and to be friendly, and always have a positive attitude.”

“It’s nothing really big. We just tried to help out,” senior patrol leader Matt F., said. “We’ve been training to do this since we started to be Boy Scouts.”

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