How This Man’s Boy Scout Training Came in Handy

former Boy Scout saves trapped men
Group of men and their rental car that became stuck in the mud on the Coconino Plateau in Unit 10. (Photo via Daily Miner)

If anyone knows the importance of being prepared, it’s the Boy Scouts. Equipped with the knowledge from their Boy Scout Handbook and countless outdoor treks, these are the guys you want around when disaster strikes.

When four young travelers were stranded and stuck in the mud without a clue of what to do, former Scout Don Martin stumbled upon the group by chance. And that’s when his Boy Scout training kicked into gear.

The men’s car was completely mired in the unpaved ranch road on the Coconino Plateau. They had been waiting for help for three hours with water before Martin came to their aid.

Martin and his friends quickly offered the men water and food and says they were out of the mud in no time.

“You are our saviors,” one of them said to Martin.

Read the former Boy Scout’s account of the day and how his training came in handy by checking out Daily Miner.

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