How to be a Supernova Star Like This Boy Scout

STEM Award Scout
In November Dalton S. was the first Collier County Boy Scout to receive the Supernova award. Dalton is pictured with his mother who is the chair of the local district STEM/Nova Program. (photo credit: John Osborne, Collier Citizen)

An explosion that outshines the entire galaxy, a supernova is one of the most brilliant phenomena in the universe. Taking after its namesake, the Scouting in STEM Supernova Award dazzles brighter than any other award in the program. So for Boy Scout Dalton S., earning the Supernova Award is nothing short of stellar.

In fact, this sharp Scout from the Southwest Florida Council is the first Boy Scout in his county to earn the Supernova Award, an award given to Scouts who have excelled in advanced STEM program activities.

An initiative encouraged to promote curiosity in the science, technology, engineering and math subjects, STEM in Scouting is designed to boost the spirit of innovation while challenging Scouts in a variety of activities and experiments. Badges and awards are offered to Scouts in the program for completed requirements. But for those who thrive on even greater challenges, the Supernova Award recognizes Scouts who take on more rigorous STEM curriculum.   

“I feel very proud of myself for being the first Scout in Collier County to get the award,” Dalton said. “It was pretty tough, I needed to do a bunch of different things to get it, but it was a lot of fun, too.”

With a Scouting mentor guiding Dalton along the way, he researched famous inventors in history, acquired a series of Supernova-approved merit badges, and even built robots to learn about energy efficiency.

“The program is just taking off like wildfire,” Dalton’s mother said. “The Scouts love the aspects of it, like earning their robotics and digital technology merit badges, and because there’s such a need for STEM knowledge in society as far as jobs and careers go, that’s why we’re promoting the program so much. To really foster an interest in the youth.”

Read Dalton’s full story over on the Collier Citizen. Discover more about STEM in Scouting and find out what it takes to reach the coveted status of the Supernova Award by checking out


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