How to Spark Your Child’s Interest in a STEM Career

What gets a kid interested in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)? The question is a hot one, as professionals around the world seek to recruit more minds to the ever-emerging tech scene. Now the Boy Scouts of America has the answer.

To kids who imagine a lot of stagnant hours at a desk when they picture becoming a scientist, STEM might sound boring. But Scouting is known to intrigue kids in hands-on projects that activate young minds. That’s where the STEM Scouts pilot program comes in.

“We’re trying to get to those kids [into the program] who like to take things apart, blow things up, and have fun with engineering and math,” Catalina Council STEM volunteer Dave McKeehan told KGUN 9’s The Morning Blend.

The right-in-the-action approach of STEM Scouts is making an impression on kids nationwide. And they’re learning some pretty impressive stuff in the process.

“My favorite part is how we got to program a robot and make it move in our own trial,” ten-year-old STEM Scout Bobby C. told The Morning Blend.

Find out why other Scouts love the program and, in turn, love STEM by checking out the full report from The Morning Blend below. Then, see if there’s a STEM Scouts program near you by heading to


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