Inspiring Young Man Earns Eagle Scout Rank

Earning the rank of Eagle Scout is no small feat for any Scout, but some Scouts face additional challenges on the journey toward Eagle. For these Scouts, their extra determination and commitment to achieving Scouting’s highest rank serves as an inspiration to their fellow Scouts, their communities, and beyond.

Inspiring Young Man Earns Eagle Scout Rank
Alex and his family (photo: Karen Wall/Toms River Patch)

Alex K., a Scout with Down syndrome, is an example of a Scout whose efforts inspired fellow Scouts, classmates, and indeed, his whole town.

At a school board meeting recognizing Alex’s achievement, the entire room filled with thunderous applause at the announcement of Alex earning the Eagle Scout rank.

Alex’s school principal, Ed Keller, spoke about Alex’s accomplishment.

“As an Eagle Scout myself, I know how difficult it is to fulfill all of the requirements,” Keller said. “To be able to overcome the obstacles that he has, says a great deal about Alex, his family, and his troop.”

In typical fashion of Eagle Scouts, Alex had focused on a project that would benefit the whole town. He and a team of volunteers installed 12 dog waste stations in the community. This offers residents an opportunity to help keep their community clean and beautiful.

The project took multiple weeks to complete.

“It was a lot,” he said, concerning the amount of time and effort it took to complete his Eagle Scout project.

He also enjoyed his time Scouting.

“I like Scouting because it’s fun. I like camping the best. My favorite trip was sleeping on the USS Massachusetts,” he said.

To learn more about Alex’s inspiring story of earning the rank of Eagle Scout, be sure to read the full article in the Toms River Patch.

To learn more about the positive impact that Scouting can have on young people like Alex, be sure to check out this article on the recent Tufts study, and watch this video:


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