Introducing ‘A True Story of Scouters in Action’

scouters-in-action-featuredFor years, Boys’ Life readers have rushed to the mailbox, grabbed their copy of the magazine and flipped directly to “A True Story of Scouts in Action.”

These tales of Scouts and Venturers saving the lives of others have inspired millions of readers over the years.

And now, for the first time, Scout leaders get to join the fun. I’m excited to announce that Scouting magazine introduces “A True Story of Scouters in Action” with our January-February 2015 issue.

Drawn by Grant Miehm, the same talented illustrator behind “Scouts in Action,” “Scouters in Action” recognizes adults who have saved lives while risking their own.

This new page will look familiar to “Scouts in Action” fans, with one key difference: the protagonists are grown-ups. That’s great, because youth aren’t the only ones eligible for lifesaving awards. Adults can receive them, too, but until now their heroism didn’t have a place in these “True Stories.”

The first “Scouters in Action” immortalizes a familiar story to Bryan on Scouting readers. It’s the inspiring tale of Eagle Scout and Navy Capt. Edward Leo Zawislak who saved others during the 2013 Navy Yard shooting.

See the first “Scouters in Action” here.


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