Leaders Encourage Eagle Scout with Autism to Take Wing

Lee achieved Eagle Scout at 13. (Photo:

Lee T. achieved Eagle Scout at 13 years old. He has a 4.0. He’s athletic, improving his long jump record by three feet at the Washington state meet. He’s an editor and photographer for his high school yearbook. The list goes on.

By all standards, Lee is an exceptional young man who happens to be on the autism spectrum.

Not to discount Lee’s extraordinary successes, his father gives credit to the leaders who have helped Lee along the way. Teachers, coaches, Lee’s mother, and Scoutmasters heralded a lifetime accomplishments for this young man. Taking time to nurture his talents, these figures have empowered Lee not to be defined by the autism spectrum.

You can label him an Eagle Scout, a local BSA Report to the Nation delegate, an athlete, an academic, a math lover, even a perfectionist. But Lee is so much more than a boy who has autism. And his family thanks the leaders who have always known that.

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