A Merit Badge for Brands: The Boy Scouts of America Embraces Event and Experiential Opportunities

ADWEEK: Experiential Marketing, A Merit Badge for Brands, August 25, 2014

SWImagine a brand activation at an event attended by a high-energy crowd of 50,000-plus in your target demographic. Or becoming part of the experience of more than a million involved and engaged people who want to learn about what you have to offer in a positive, meaningful way.

That’s what the Boy Scouts of America is offering to marketers that want to reach the youth market. To do this, it has set up Scouting Works, an engagement platform to build partnerships with brands that want to impact the lives of youths and their families. It offers marketing, media and sales opportunities with an integrated approach focused on results.

“We formed this with the sole intent and purpose to serve the marketing community,” explains John Stewart, managing director of Scouting Works. “We want to work with people who want to put a product in front of America’s youth.” Read more.


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