Mom Shares 5 Reasons to Get Kids into Scouting

11254056_10207225362740357_1187014167531484993_n-001Seeing the thrill of Scouting through the eyes of your child is enough to write home about. In fact, mom blogger Janel and her son’s delight at Scout day camp was enough to fill an entire post on her blog A Mom’s Take.

For Scouters the summer marks the beginning of camping season, a time when novice and longtime Scouts head outdoors to put their handbooks and skills to the test. These campouts are the hallmark of Scouting and the source of countless memories for the boys and parents who attend.

Rather than tell you why summer camps and Scouting are the ultimate source of fun and youth development for Scout-age kids, this summer we’re letting their parents fill you in. Check back with Scouting Newsroom weekly for tales from parents of Scouts, both new and seasoned, starting this week with Janel’s post.

Check out A Mom’s Take: 5 Reasons They’ll Love Day Camp to see why Janel not only loves the BSA’s programs for her son but also for other children who seek adventure!


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