Mom’s Honor: Scouting Fortifies Son Who Has Autism


Tammy's Scout son is on the autism spectrum. He doesn't talk but communicates nonverbally.
Tammy’s Scout son is on the autism spectrum. He doesn’t talk but communicates nonverbally.

When it comes to sharing what the Boy Scouts of America has to offer her family, a Scout mom is trustworthy. That’s why this summer we’re sharing the affirmations of moms involved in the program versus giving you the rundown ourselves.

On that note, meet Tammy. Scouting has given her son a fantastic outlet for refining social and physical skills as he faces obstacles associated with autism. And she’s no stranger to sharing the challenges he’s overcome. In fact, she blogs about the topic regularly on her blog Autism Learning Felt.

As a leading voice for moms helping their children on the autism spectrum thrive, Tammy’s praise of Scouting shows the BSA’s programs are the inclusive, supportive outlets kids facing distinct challenges need.

“Over the years, my son has repeatedly accomplished things with the Boy Scouts that amaze me,” Tammy explains.

Read how these amazing accomplishments keep coming and could be acheived by your son too by checking out Tammy’s two-part post on the topic:

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