Next Gen Welders Trained in Boy Scouts of America

The American Welding Society‘s careers page declares “Too many jobs; not enough welders.” With 2012’s addition of the welding merit badge, the Boy Scouts of America is doing its part to ease this shortage.

The Three Fires Council is taking a leading role in extending welding experience to Scouts. With a flood of interest from older Scouts and an intent to set a world record for the largest welding lesson, the council is invigorating young people with a skill that could lead to a stable career.

Merit badges expose Scouts to a variety of skill and knowledge-based activities. However, unlike the law or space exploration merit badges, the welding merit badge points Scouts toward a profession facing a shortage of skilled workers.

Learn more about the Three Fires Council’s efforts to ignite Scouts’ passion for welding in the FFJournal’s feature, Scouts Pick up the Torch (also available in the magazine’s April 2015 issue).

Photo: FFJournal
Photo: FFJournal

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