Norman Rockwell Birthday Party at the National Scouting Museum

Cake, punch, the National Scouting Museum, and quintessential American illustrations so vibrant they leap off their 60-year-old canvases. This is the way to celebrate the life and art of Norman Rockwell.


In honor of his 121st birthday, National Office employees, volunteers, and district Executives, gathered at the National Scouting Museum to explore his work and contributions to Scouting culture. As attendees trickled in to the museum, they were greeted not only by birthday party staples, like (a lot of) cake, but also friendly-faced docents ready for an influx of tours of the extensive Norman Rockwell exhibit.

National Scouting Museum docents next to the Norman Rockwell figure, greeting attendees at the exhibit entrance.

Venture to the National Scouting Museum to see Rockwell’s art for yourself. Stare into illustrations so vivid, you’ll think you’re looking at a photograph. See some of Scouting’s history through the eyes of a prolific artist and commemorate his life this February, as we recognize his birthday and, later this week, the birthday of the BSA.


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