Not Even a Holiday Heist Can Stop This Boy Scout Mission

The tree sale is a 65-year tradition for the Scouts of Hamden Conn. (Photo Credit: WTNH / Renee Chmiel)
The tree sale is a 65-year tradition for Hamden, Conn., Scouts. (Photo Credit: WTNH / Renee Chmiel)

A determined Boy Scout troop from the Connecticut Yankee Council still plans to raise both money and holiday spirits, despite setbacks from a real-life Grinch.

The troop’s Christmas tree fundraiser suffered a loss of $400-$500 in profits last week when several trees were stolen. At least six trees were taken from the front lawn of Spring Glen Church, where the market had been constructed.

As part of a 65-year tradition, Scouts in Hamden, Conn., sell Christmas trees, wreaths, and decorations to fund activities and service projects throughout the year. The fundraiser also helps the troop make sure all boys who want to participate in Scouting are able to do so.

Not only do the boys sell the trees; they also assist patrons with trimming, measuring, and securing the trees to cars, making the sale a full-service Christmas tree shop. In doing this, the Scouts get to experience helping other people while working cheerfully.

Although no one has been charged in the theft yet, the Scouts told WTNH News they hope whoever is responsible will realize that this project is about so much more than making a profit. “This is a troop and this is about making people’s days better,” Boy Scout Patrick P. shared with WTNH.

Despite the theft, the Scouts will continue with their project. In an effort to raise holiday spirits, the troop even plans to donate 20 trees to families who would otherwise not have the holiday décor.

Unfortunately, stealing Christmas trees from Scouts is not uncommon. Bryan on Scouting has some great tips to keep your trees safe this year, so make sure to check out his article on how to stop Christmas tree theft.

Read the full story on WTNH to see how these determined Scouts are pushing forward to spread cheer.


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