Pinewood Derby Meets BMW in Suburban Chicago

Photo: Margaret McKay/Charlene King Communications

High-performance luxury vehicles are making way for handcrafted blocks of wood on wheels.

This month Laurel BMW of Westmont, IL, sponsored and hosted Pack 10’s Pinewood Derby after Patrick Womack, who runs the dealership, wanted to do more for the pack than a quick donation.

Automotive News reports Womack – a former Scout – was approached by a long-time customer asking for a donation to build a new Pinewood Derby track. Womack replied his dealership would build the track and host the event.

Dealership staff and Scouters volunteered at the derby, packed with cheers, enthusiastic Cub Scouts, and, of course, some serious Pinewood races.

Womack’s passion for racing goes beyond the Pinewood Derby – he races cars (the kind you can actually drive). His goal is to energize kids to break the daily digital grind and get excited about cars too.

To learn more about Womack’s backstory and hopes to make the Pinewood Derby an annual tradition at his dealership, check out the full article on Automotive News.

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