Scout Acts Quickly to Save Choking Baby

Photo: Andrew Cephas
Photo: Andrew Cephas

Your idea of a hero might not be an 11-year-old boy. But if he’s a Scout, he may very well save your life or the life of your new baby.

When an 8-month baby began choking, 11-year-old Dalton N. was jolted into action. He was at a friend’s house with his dad. That’s when he saw the distressed mother of the choking baby unable to dislodge a piece of apple from her child’s airways.

Dalton braced the baby against his arm and adeptly patted between the baby’s shoulder blades. Suddenly, the infant was coughing and breathing.

Like any good hero, Dalton is modest about the whole encounter.

“I don’t know if I consider myself a hero,” Dalton told Southern Maryland Newspapers Online. “I’m trained, so I was just doing my job.”

In Boy Scouts, Dalton received basic first aid training. The Scout continued his training at a fire camp hosted by the volunteer fire department of St. Leonard, MD. That’s where he gained the lifesaving skills that ensured a happy, healthy 8-month old baby stayed that way.

And more heroism is in Dalton’s future. He hopes to volunteer at a fire department and join the Marines when he’s old enough.

Read more about how Dalton’s parents feel about their son’s act of bravery by checking out the full story on Southern Maryland Newspapers Online.

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