Scout Builds Dog Agility Park for Eagle Project

Scout Daniel F. loves dogs. In fact, he was spending a lot of time in the local dog park with his own pup, and, as great as the park was, he noticed it was missing something.

The C & G News shared the story of how local dogs were enjoying running around the park, chasing each other and having unstructured fun but there was nowhere that dogs and their owners could work together on agility skills.

The purpose of the park is to offer a fun space to play in, but it also aims to bring the canines and their owners together and help owners create structure and teach skills.

Scout Builds Agility Park for Dogs for Eagle Project
Scout Daniel F. at the dog park (Photo: John McTaggart, C & G News)

That’s when Daniel hit upon the idea for his Eagle Scout project. He would build agility obstacles within the park to add a new level of fun and interest for the canines (and their owners) within the community.

“I thought the park could use something nice for dogs,” he said.

“The Dog Park Committee loved it because it provides another activity at the park for owner and dog to be able to interact and play with each other,” said St. Clair Shores City Councilman John Caron, who is a member of the Dog Park Committee.

Daniel worked with several local organizations that helped donate supplies, and he enlisted the help of numerous volunteers to help in the construction process of building the agility obstacles.

Many of those who helped were students from the local high school’s building trades class.

Some of the items available at the agility park include an incline and weave poles, and the park will also feature a jump obstacle in the future. All of these items help provide opportunities for owners and dogs to interact with each other to build skills and a stronger bond.

To read more about Daniel’s Eagle Scout project and the effort involved in making it happen, be sure to read the full article in the C & G News.

For more information on how Eagle Scouts impact their communities in positive ways, see the Baylor University study, “Eagle Scouts: Merit Beyond the Badge.”


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