Scout Builds Platform at Baseball Field for Eagle Project

Scout Bryce B. is a two-time All-Western North Carolina Athletic Conference infielder/pitcher who obviously loves baseball. So when he began thinking about what to do for his Eagle Scout project, he knew he wanted to do something that would combine his love of baseball with his passion for Scouting.

As it turns out, his Eagle Scout project was a real home run.

The Citizen-Times shared the story of how Bryce looked at his school’s local baseball field and noticed that the student seating section, which was on a lightly sloping hill behind the outfield, would become obscured by trees that sat along the outfield fence. That would prevent the students from having a clear sightline to cheer on their team.

Scout Builds Platform at Baseball Field for Eagle Project
Scout Bryce B. built a platform at his local baseball field (Photo credit: Citizen-Times)

To address this issue, Bryce worked to build a large platform that would offer students, as well as college Scouts, a place to stand to get a great view of the baseball field. It would put them right near the action so they could support their fellow classmates on the field.

“By building this platform, our students will have an opportunity to continue the tradition of cheering on our team and making special memories at their high school baseball games,” Bryce said. “The entire community of fans can benefit from the installation of this platform and I hope that it will serve everyone for many years to come.”

Bryce, who manages to skillfully balance Scouting with his efforts in baseball, soccer, and football, had to manage his time carefully to be sure the platform would be ready to go by the team’s season opener in March. Starting on March 4, when the team finally takes the field for its first game, the platform will be available for students and others.

To read more about Bryce’s project, see the full article in the Citizen-Times.

For more information on the ways Scouts like Bryce seek to make their communities better, take a look at the Baylor University Study “Eagle Scouts: Merit Beyond the Badge.”


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