Scout Builds Storage for Free Clinic for Eagle Project

The Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) is a free clinic that provides medical care and counseling to uninsured and underinsured people. With all of its focus on serving the health care needs of those in the community, the free clinic didn’t have extra time or resources to take care of its mounting storage concerns.

Storage of extra supplies had become quite an issue at the free clinic, with supplies being stored wherever they would fit, which meant anywhere there was open space, including under desks and in a hard-to-reach attic.

That’s when Scout Will P. stepped in to help. Shore News Today shares the story of how Will decided to focus his Eagle Scout project on supporting the free clinic with more storage space.

Scout Builds Storage for Free Clinic for Eagle Project
Scout Will P. built a storage shed for a local free clinic for his Eagle Scout project (Photo credit: Shore News Today)

He surveyed the clinic grounds and found an area that would be perfect for a storage shed. Then he went to work gathering funds, materials, and a team to help construct the storage shed on the clinic property.

“I’ve been in scouting for 12 years and I always wanted to be an Eagle Scout,” Will told the Shore News Today. “I chose VIM (for my Eagle Scout project) because I think it is an amazing organization. Supplying health care for free to people who can’t afford it is heroic.”

“We work hard to make sure it always looks good and feels welcoming,” said VIM executive director Jackie Meiluta. “Thanks to Will and the new storage space, that job will be a little easier.”

Seeing the success of Will’s Eagle Scout project even inspired his younger brother Jonathan to develop another Eagle Scout project that would benefit the VIM.

To read more about Will’s Eagle Scout project, see the full story in Shore News Today.

For more information on the different ways Eagle Scouts can impact their communities, see the Baylor University study “Eagle Scouts: Merit Beyond the Badge.”


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